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NOT the cast of Council Crusanders: The Next Generation

Council Crusaders: The Next Generation (often abbreviated as CC:TNG) is the official spiritual successor of the cult classic graphic novel Council Crusanders. Currently in its fourth season of airing, the teen- geared surreal political drama follows a new, younger, high-school aged cast of crusaders in their quests of political intrigue and insider dealings. Aside from a similar name, the show has little to do with the graphic novel, as it takes place in a different universe than the original series.


Cast and Characters

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Upon announcement of the show, an uproar ensued within the original graphic novel's cult following due to the idea of a "dumbed down" teen-based political drama sharing the same name as the classic series. Much of this was based around the fear that CC:TNG would be in the same vain as teen-gear shows such as the angst-ridden "Degrassi" and the Disney Channel trash "The Suite Life of Zach and Cody." However, many new viewers and old fantatic alike began to fall in love with the series after the first seven episodes, and by the finale of Season 2, much of the controversy had been quelled. Currently, many hard-core of fans agree that CC:TNG is a worthy sucessor to the graphic novel series.


CC;TNG deals with many situations that teens go through everyday, including

  • Teen pragenancies
  • Corperate crime
  • Underhand dealings
  • Political intrigue
  • Betrayals
  • Approval ratings
  • Corrupt regiemes and the role they play on student's lives

Censorship in Zidanistan

The government of the police state Zidanistan has been known to put considerable pressure on ZDTV 3, which broadcasts CC:TNG, even to the point of canceling entire season, and threatening to jail network officials. The government claims that the show puts teen pragenancies in a light which they say "is unacceptable". Federal officiers also state that the show has a clear Zionistic stance, and according to Zidanistan's Media Secretariat "almost force- feeds us with the acceptability of a Jewish homeland." Critics of the government say that this claim is baseless. "Just because a major character is Jewish does not make the show Zionistic. Zidanistan is just showing us how far their anti- semitism can reach." a critic of Zidanistan's iron grip over culture said in a November 4th public freedom rally. Nevertheless, Zidanistan says that it will continue to censor CC:TNG "for as long as the lies it preaches to the masses continues".

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