Chicken Races

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Chicken Races is (or was, you'll see later) a popular sport that involves a teams of two working together to beat other teams



Chicken Racing is played by a smaller person, like a jockey, riding on top of a bigger person, like a horse. The horse will hold the riders feet and run as fast as he can, while the jockey battles other jockeys on their horses. Usually, it the rider is pushed off another rider, the horse will fall as well, pretty much ending your race. Some horses will ram into others, knocking them down. The racers try to get to the finish line the fastest. A variation of Chicken Races is the more violent, and popular, Chicken Fighting, which is played the same, except the goal is to knock your opponent over instead of a race. Because of the danger, Chicken Fighting is played mostly in a pool.


Chicken Racing was introduced on the playground by the Blank Club in 6th Grade. The sport quickly grew in popularity, and many people showed up to race in this exciting and fun sport. However, after two weeks of playing it, playground aides said that Chicken Racing must stop. Negotiations went on, but the sport was denied. However, the sport is still practiced by the Blank Club today.

Strategy in Chicken Fighting


In this strategy, you ram yourself into the opponent. This is dangerous, but it often knocks the enemy out of the way, or even on the ground.

Leg Grab

This strategy is used by the horse. The horse uses his hands to grab the opponent horse's legs, knocking him over.


This is used by the Jockey. In this strategy, the rider attacks with a flurry, catching the rider and horse of guard.


The Horse and rider fling themselves at the enemy, most likely destroying both of them.

Suicide Spiral

The Jockey grabs a part of the enemy rider, and the horse proceeds to spin around the enemy, ultimately leading to the enemies fall. However, this technique is risky, and can be countered by an experienced team. However, it is quite fatal if done correctly.


Chicken fighting has nothing to do with the illegal sport of cock fighting. So Animal Welfare, please do not sue.

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