CPS 2100

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CPS 2100
Owners Brad Barbour, Evan Pryzant, Reid Pryzant, Joey Horgan and others
Age 2-3 years (?)
Condition Most are broken, however, the Pryzant's are in perfect (out-of-the-box) condition
Affiliation Jihad Machines and others

The CPS 2100 can best be described a light blaster, excellent for almost any situation. It has a small unpressurized tank, which, like the rest of the CPS line, feeds into a pressurized tank which holds about three shots. The shots of the 2100 are very good for its size, giving the victim a good soaking with just a twitch of the trigger. While other guns may outperform it in their own specialties, almost nothing can match the versatility of the 2100. It is an easily handled gun, even when full. The 2100 is an excellent gun if water sources are readily available.



After the tragic demise of Evan's QFD for his Splashzooka he was in the market for blasters. He first thought of a CPS 1200 because he was used to it but he wanted for varity in their arsonal. Next he remembered about some random kid during fish camp's super soaker fight, he had had a CPS 2100. Evan remembered this gun and how well it worked and immeditatly decided that he had to have a 2100. He began looking on ebay, amazon and various other sketchy sites but couldn't find any for cheap enough. He eventually gave up the active looking but the 2100 remained his dream gun...

Possibly the luckiest day ever

One summer day several months later Evan was playing outside. The phone rang and Reid ran inside to get it. He came back out running and handed it to Evan:


Evan: "Bradley, stop. What are you talking about...slow down."

Brad: "EVAN! SPORTS AUTHORITY! [random un-clear words] 2100!"

Evan: "CPS 2100? ARE YOU SERIOUS!"

Brad: "YES! COME!"

Evan and Reid immeditaly ran into their house, grabbed some money, and then ran down the driveway where Bradley's was and jumped in.

On the way there Bradley explained that Luke had been at sports authority earlier that day and had seen many CPS 2100s there. When they finally arrived we got out of the car and began to run towards the store while singing the Anthem. That day we began the true super soaker group by buying three guns, one for Evan, one for Reid, and one for Brad.


Since then we told Joey, Joey told Zach and Witneys, and various other, until many 2100s were owned. Also since then most/all 2100 have broken. People rebought guns but they broke to until sports authority ran out of guns, possibly the last store to sell CPS' around here.

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