Bradley's 7 Deadly Flames

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Bradley's 7 Deadly Flames, also refered to as Braaaaadley Baaaaarbour's Old Flames and The Seven is a controversial dicovery made on February 13, 2006 that Barbour, Bradley in "fact" has had seven old flames


The Flames

Each of Bradley's 7 flames co-ordinates with a deadly sin.


Lust was Emperor Barbour's first mistress. Although it at first looked like this relationship was going to work out, it soon became clear that Lust was not interested in Brad for who he was and was only in it for bodily attraction. Along with this, it was revealed that she had been seeing at least 30 other government advisors. Heartbroken, Barbour angrily banished her and his entire cabinet (regardless of if they took part in the scandal) to the empire's Uranium processing centers where they serve a life sentence.


Likely the most successful of Emperor Barbour's old flames, the two shared many blantanly obvious common traits. However, Barbour grew tired of her depletion of his empire's grain supply (which was plunging the nation into a food scarcity during a time of drought), which meant less food for himself. He sold her to a rich many-wived tobbaco plantation owner and quickly forgot she existed.






The Truth

In truth, Bradley doesn't actually have any old flames. It's just some rediculous miscommunication that later turned into yet another coverrup for Joey's personal life. However, the idea of Brad actually having old flames has captivated the minds of members, affiliates and patrons alike, and it has been agreed that a few "conflicting details" will be overlooked for the sake of a good laugh or too. In othr words, the legend lives on even though its completely false. Just don't tell anyone.

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