Boat Dance

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The Boat Dance is the final dance of the Middle School. It is a tradition of the 8th Grade to take students on a boat, the dance occurs on the boat.

Bloat dance, sponsored by Tums


Description of the event


The entire 8th grade gathers in the gym before the event. After some refreshments and some performances by up and coming bands (Feedback with Jesse Aicher) the grade gathered onto the buses.

Important pre-boat facts

  • Several extraordinarily loud thunder and lightning was heard during the time in the gym
  • Brad encouraged rumors that the boat was going to sink in a storm. Minor panic ensued
  • The girls were throwing themselves at Feedback while Blank Club member viewed it with indifference

En-route to the boat

The ride to the boat was hectic to say the least. Most of the Blank Club went on the same bus and sat in the back. Because of the excitement many people were attempting to attract attention by various means. Adam L. did this by collecting/stealing most of the boas on the bus and trying to fit them all in his mouth. After doing this he would pass them up the bus and laugh as people touched them.

Boarding the boat

More chaos.

The boat

The Boat was called the Bay Mist. It went all around Casco Bay.


Joey had always wanted to have the DJ play a U2 song. He went right up during the beginning and signed up a song. Th DJ played the song as one of the first songs. It was a slow song but because he played it so soon no one danced to it, Joey was angry. During the beginning of the dance it was raining.

Middle time

The rain began to let up and we were allowed outside onto the deck. During this time both Evan and Bradley fulfilled their high stakes losses. Brad ate a whole bag of Doritos and Evan danced with someone who is only known as "Monkey." Meanwhile, there was some complication between K.G. and Chip/Joey. This was worrisome. Also meanwhile, Evan was chasing after/extensively talking to his two current flings (A.S. and A.C.) Evan danced with K.S. again because the high stakes required two dances.


Joey danced with who would later be known as "OF #6," the first visible trace of his interest in such a relationship. For the last song Evan danced with K.S.

Interesting facts

  • This was the first dance that Evan actually danced in. He danced with 4 people:
    • K.S.
    • K.J.
    • K.S.
    • A.C.
  • Joey made a photo-montage of the "Seven sins of the Boat Dance"
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