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The Blank Club Flag is the symbol of the Blank Club. The flag, as may expect, is Blank. The Blank Club Flag is also the most revered object we have.

From Humble Beginnings

When the Blank Club was founded, the Founders, as all good founders do, felt the need for a flag. The club flag was made of a blue rag found in Brad's Mom's kitchen. They also found a very good, strong, fat stick to tape it to. It might sound like garbage, but it is, (or was, more on that later), an enduring symbol of Blank Supremacy. The flag is key in Blank Club marches (see Club Guard and Anthem, and is placed in a traditional spot in a bush during meetings.


On a nice July morn, a certain Kristo Herzog was Rugby Racing with Evan, Luke, and Brad. After crashing, he grabbed the flag from the judge, ran in front of the remaining racers, and put the flag under their wheels. This succeeded in two things: ending the race, and maiming the beloved flag. This was a sad day. The remains of the flags were honourably burned in the Hearth of the Ages.

The Flag that was Broken, and Forged again...

In the mines of Evan's garage, Blank worked diligently on renewing the flag. We found another stick, a new rag, and very high- quality tape. With the dark magic of Raa (I made that up) they forged, (or built) a new flag. The flag was lifted up, and a light shined upon it, a light that was never seen by mortal eyes. The Blank Club agreed this was a holy object indeed. (I might be making this up). Anyway, in all truthfulness, the flag was remade and is proudly looked upon today.

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