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Ben Tweed has been involved in several pivotal, earth-shaking events from the fall of 2005 onward. Ben Tweed is notable for his interesting (and eccentric) personality, and his amazingly notable personal life that rivals and may surpass Joey's. In the Spring of 2006, top executives of the Blank Club were payed by Ben to take part in a "sting operation" which continues to be one of the most bizarre things ever to happen to the Blank Club. Of some note, Brad accidentally gave reins of several Blank specific powers to Ben in a slip of the tongue, but was solved after some quick negotiations. Thus far, it has seemed that Ben and his several organizations of questionable authenticity have tried to declare hostilities against the Blank Club, such as the seizure of the 3rd Lunch Homeland for a time. Fortunately, this has been resolved, Blank Club/Ben relations have thus far improved.

Ben has also participated in several Water Wars of historical importance, and currently owns two Flash Floods and an XP 215, which will soon play an important role in keeping the Soaker Armory stocked to functional capacity. Ben is currently a member of Joey's Future Soaker Team.

Ben Tweed is currently a member of the Student Council (elected by default for the 2006-2007 school year, and re-elected by default for 07-08), but had for some time been playing with the idea of running for class president to succeed Joey, who had repeatedly said he would not run. Of note in this area are some mainly viciously anti-Jack Coster conjectural election sticker designs that he drew on the back of an English essay in December 2006 and, somehow managing to forget entirely how violently anti-Jack Coster they were, showed them to him. When it came time to the actual elections, Joe ran against and defeated Kim Butt for Vice President, and Jack Coster ran against Calvin Holt for president, losing despite an...impressive...speech.

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