Battle of Mt. Humana (movie)

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A picture of the showdown between Creature and Woofy (image 2 in the preview)
File:Woofy's Horde.jpg
A picture inspired by the cover of "The Awakening". It depicts woofy leading a massive horde of Dones (image 1 in the preview)
File:The Awakening.jpg
An original drawing by Bradley. This was intended for the cover of "The Awakening" (image 3 in the preview)

Battle of Mt. Humana the movie was the first movie that Kopak Films has pursued since the deterioration (and eventually destruction) of Evan's camera. This movie is actually not going to happen (see cancellation section).



The preview took Evan over a week of extensive effort to make. It required a new Kopak Films start up, two blender animations, two clips that had to be films (pictures taken), and a poster that had to be made. It is 52 seconds long and was released day three of the first B3.


This trailer got a significant amount of hype during B3 and could even be thought of as the centerpiece of B3 2006. Most members believed that this movie would continue the AB series.



At the announcement of B3 the CEO of Kopak Films Evan Pryzant immediately began thinking of ideas for Kopak's new movie. After deciding on Astro Bunny 3 (2 wasn't completed) he began to pile through all Astro Bunny references as well as watch the Adventures of Astro Bunny movies. After watching AB 2 Evan didn't want to screw up the AB series like it had been done before. He looked through the Archives to find a movie topic and saw "The Awakening".


This movie is a remake of the original Battle of Mt. Humana book series.


The temporary cast includes:


The movie will include:

  • Blender artwork/scenes/animations
  • Music
  • Costume design that will rival The Adventures of AB
  • An actual script of sorts
  • No ad-libbing


The filming will take place with the Barbour camera over the summer. Naturally Evan will film it while Bradley Barbour will do the acting.


This movie isn't actually going to occure. It was replaced with Adventures of Astro Bunny II.

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