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Blank Biannual Bonanza, also known as B³, is a biannual event in which projects for the new season are revealed. The Summer Exposition and the Winter Exposition are both important events on the Blank calender.


Winter Exposition 2006

B³ Winter Exposition 2006 is not currently scheduled but is likely to occur in late November-early December.

Summer Exposition 2006

The first B³ started on May 5, 2006 when rumors started circulating about new projects for the summer season of 2006. During the next week, B³ will come into full swing as rumors will become reality as projects will be revealed. May 10th and 11th will be the big days of B³, where huge releases will take place.


Brad Corporation

Creature Redesign

A shocking rumor that sent waves throughout the press, a fairly unknown source has claimed that Brad Co. is poised to redesign the beloved Creature in a new, more modern form. Brad Co. dismissed these rumors as ungrounded. However, Brad Co. may be covering up details for Monday.

Table Quest

In a more grounded rumor, the Subwoofer Times reports that Brad Co. is in development of a new tale of intrigue and adventure following the dramatic events of the Blank Club takeover of Joey Horgan's table after the Great Exodus.

Epic Story

Multiple sources have claimed that major work on the Epic Story will take place over the summer season. Work may include the actual story, a possible RPG, short stories, and a possible sub- encyclopedia.

Revamp of Blank Sci- Fi Universe

Rumors abound of a full revamp of the Planets and their Habitats universe. Subwoofer has slowly changed the series for years, adding a cooler Zarktonian element, the kickin' new Centurions, and the killing of several stupid races. We'll have to see what happens on Wednesday and Thursday

Kopak Films

Mystery movie

Kopak Films has been working on a trailer to the "movie of our time". CEO Evan Pryzant has repeatedly leaked rumors that this trailer will be very professional and include several innovations to the classic kopak films movie. Although KF released that this will include 3d artwork the plot can only be speculated at this point. Although there have been no confirmations of rumors on Pryzant's part, many (including Dr. D) believe that the movie will revolve around the Adventures of Astro Bunny.

"When watching this preview do not view it in linear terms. Rather then thinking 'That was awesome' or 'That trailer kind of sucked' think of the possiblities that this preview opens. Think of the final project and what the eventual movie can be like instead of what the trailer is." --A statement on the trailer by Evan Pryzant
It is expected that this trailer will not be hugely related to the actual plot and movie but instead just be a chance for Evan to show off his blender skills. The preview will be between 45-60 seconds. Filming of the movie will continue through the entire summer.

Two clips from the upcoming trailer were leaked to the press:

Although the movie was planned to come out Day 2 of B3 unexpected render delays forced Kopaks press conference to be on Day 3.


Kopak Films has also announced that they are looking into the feasibility of making their first documentary. Evan had a preemptive release when he annouced (during Brad's conference) that Kopak is interested in doing a documentary on the upcoming election. Details will be released tommorrow during Kopaks offical announcment time.

Dr. Telematics

Mystery Gift

Dr. D has confirmed a recent rumor that all participants of B³ on Wednesday will receive a "Special Gift." The nature of this "gift" is completely unconfirmed, and there are currently no reliable sources that claim to know of this "gift." Apparently Joey doesn't consider Evan to be "reliable" as he knows the exact nature of this gift.

"Baig Announcement"

Several sources have claimed that Dr. Telematics is to make a major announcement on Tuesday. Dr. D confirmed this in a press conference, but has only referred to it as a "baig announcement" and has not released any details on the nature of the announcement.

Confirmed Releases

Amokathon Union

The amokathon union is without a doubt the sole predecessor to the blank club. It was announced on the last day of b3 to draw the attention of many. The Union was the Maine event of the entirety of b3, being the formation of a semi-independent semi-democratic nation. The union boasts of a strong nation with a unique government that leads its citizens to think it is a country in which they have a say. THEY DO NOT.

Members are as follows:


Reid Toby Timothy Jeremy

 Honored Affiliates:

Brad Corporation

Nothing to Lose

Written as an entry for a writing seminar, the lastest entry in Brad's Sci- Fi universe known as Planets and their Habitats to many is the first big entry of B³, due to slacking on the first day. Nothing to Lose follows Captain Sarabhai of the Frigate Viraat in the Sikkim defense of Kahhaj during the Zarktonian assault on the planet in the mid- war. Nothing to Lose features the Sikkimese for the first time, a people who's planet was destroyed by the Zarktonians in the war, and now serve in the Allied fleet fighting against the Zarktonian war machine. Subwoofer has said that he likes this much cooler Indian-esque people than the Squalimians, a race that in a situation similar to the Sikkimese. Subwoofer claims he might take Squiggalima out of the canon due to its stupidness, and will be replaced by the Sikkimese, which will have a big role in the universe in future works.

Table Quest

After some factual/historical inaccuracies Table Quest was announced to be released on May 25th. It is expected that although the novella with undoubtedly be entertaining, it will result in strained relations with Joey and not have the historical significance that many other stories have.

Epic Story

The first volume of the Epic Story (Chapter 1 - 12) has been said to be released by the end of the school year. Bradley is undergoing negotiations with the Pryzant Publishing Co. for the publication. Pryzant has announced that he will be able to offer a professional feel to the novel including cover (maybe hard), reviews, previews, and other.

List of Confirmed Projects

Brad Corporation

Kopak Films

Battle of Mt. Humana (movie)

Dr. Telematics

Reid Technology Studios

Matrix Man as a comic book.

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