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Aurangazeb pictures is an illustrious film producing company.


Created in mid-2006, Aurangazeb films destroyed Kopak films' monopoly on the cinema market. The first production, a rendition of School of Video Games (1), a crashrules33 classic Fanfiction, met with enormous critical acclaim and significant box office success. Later in 2006, following the long awaited Kopak Films release, Astro Bunny 2, the Aurangazeb produced a joint project. Brad Barbour, the rising new star in directing, worked with Aurangazeb and Kopak to produce a five part television series entitled Around, Arunod, and Arundo, a reference to the hierarchy of Machine Gun Rons (Machine Gun Around, Machine Gun Arunod, Machine Gun Arundo, Machine Gun Aurangazeb), which was in turn a reference to the infamous Metroid High School line.

(to be continued, in progress)

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