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Aughblooba Industries is the Blank Club parent company that ran the official Blank website, developed all official Blank games and held the rights to most Blank movies from April 2003-Summer 2004.


Founding of Aughblooba Industries

Aughblooba Industries was founded by Dr. D, General Subwoofer, Kopak and Samufa in April 2003 as one of the provisions of the Treaty at Chikiwah. It was born out of the fallen ashes of the previous games company, Condorware.


  • Dr. D (webmaster and prorammer-in chief)
  • General Subwoofer (head designer)
  • Kopak (Supporting programming and head of movie production)
  • Samufa (Supporting designer).

Rise and Fall of the Aughblooba Industries Empire

The employees nof Aughblooba Industries were very inventive and driven to create cool games, but a combination of the strike of Starting but Never Finishing and the terribly crappy technology being used lead to very little progress. Although many game ideas were made, these were often too complicated, and always failed on the drawing boards. This fatal cycle lead to Aughblooba Industries filing for bankruptcy, and soon after collapsing. Many investors cried that day...


Aughblooba Industries developed an immense number of games, although few ever were completed. Additionally, the ones that were completed were infamous for being bug-ridden and glitchy.

Completed Games

Incomplete but moderately playable Games

  • Penguin Frenzy Bru Ha Ha
  • Mr. Dude 2
  • Planet Xcimquirft

Games that never left Early Development

  • Joshua: The Reincarnation
  • Dr. D
  • Pac-Creature
  • Snarkanial the Elf
  • Planet Xcimquirft 2002
  • Planet Xcimquirft DOD
  • Paul and mike
  • Paul on the Run
  • Paul the Green
  • Paul X
  • Bomber Pilot
  • Condorware Chaos=
  • Cp Arcade
  • Fredrick\'s Adventure
  • GI Joey
  • Lobster Trap Pro
  • Mini Game Mayhem
  • Paul 32
  • Super Elephant
  • Super Paul Rebellions


Aughblooba Industries will always remain an important part of Blank history. It had very good ideas, which are still used today. It also marked the origins of the Blank digital age. It was also the first company that Blank ever ran. One could say that Aughblooba Industries was a failed experiment, but that would be wrong. Although it did not work out it was a learning experience, and left a profound mark on all of the Blank Club.

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