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Astro Bunny as seen in the Adventures of Astro Bunny, the movie

Astro Bunny is a fictional character invented by Doug MacGillivary and incorperated into Blank Club lore.


Actual History

Doug's Astro Bunny

Astro Bunny's true origin is lost in the winds of time. Doug made up Astro Bunny and told it to Bradley Barbour. Brad assisted Doug's idea of Astro Bunny and began to add characters (Robo Rat). Doug wrote a couple of stories about Astro Bunny but Brad took the character over fairly quickly.

Beginning of Blank Astro Bunny

Bradley realized what a stupid character Astro Bunny was so his first ideas of him were ones of ridicule. He made several Astro Bunny cartoons depicting AB's stupidity. Bradley tied Astro Bunny to famous character Evil Enemy #9 and had #9 always kill AB. The cartoons were quickly in demand so Bradley wanted to make more. However, Astro Bunny had already he invented the Reincarnation Machine!

Astro Bunny as seen in the Astro Bunny Comics


  • Many cartoons
  • A couple choose-your-own-adventures
  • Some story telling

Adventures of Astro Bunny

Astro Bunny had always been an important character but the Adventures of Astro Bunny made Astro Bunny have Creature-esque fame.

Planets and their Habitats

Once the Blank Club began to have the all connecting sci-fi universe of "Planets of their Habitats" Astro Bunny was kinda included. Although he didn't play a huge part with the universe because he isn't that cool some known facts that related him to that universe exist:

  • He is from Homeworld-7
  • He fought with the Animal Corps.


Astro Bunny is only slightly canon in the Planet in their Habitats universe. His canonness in often in dispute.

The Character himself

Astro Bunny has a very distinct personality in the Blank Multiverse, making him stand- out among the heroes. Unfortunately, his blinding character flaws make him a less- than good hero.


Many call Astro Bunny stupid, but this is not the case. However, he has a amazingly naive view of people, even to the point of trusting his arch- enemies' blatant lies. He places too much trust and has too many ideals consitering that he is mercenary/soldier. He is never really seen actually killing... but is all- too often being killed. His slight incompetance is balanced with the fact that he can't permenatally die. There is also evidence that he may be an alcoholic.

History of Character

Although his past is shrouded in mystery/lies, the records show that Astro Bunny was a pilot in a Haremoon- based air corps, fighting during the First Zarkton War. He also served as a replacement assistant medic in the Battle of Mamu, his service earning him 30 demerits. After the war, he bacame a freelance adventurer. However, Astro Bunny claims that his past is far more


Occasionally seen with a gun that he rarely/never uses. Once seen fighting in hand-to-hand combat. Basically never fights and if he does, always loses.

Carrots Pride

The Carrots Pride is Astro Bunny's spaceship.


In juxtaposition of Astro Bunny's skills, the Carrots Pride is actually a very good ship. Although it looks stupid (a carrot shape with carrot paint job on par with Astro Bunny's request) it functions very well and plays a critical role in the function of the Reincarnation Machine. AB's first ship (Homeworlds Glory) was still carrot themed only had wings. This was destroyed in Evil Enemy #9's target mode (see Astro Bunny cartoons). His second ship (The Carrots Pride) was then built. Ironically enough Homeworld-7 contracted the Zilarf's to make AB's ship out of Zarktonium. It is the only non-Zarkton employed/owned ship. Because of the Zarktonium metal it can run make runs through Sillisville Nebula. The Carrots Pride plays a critical role in The Adventures of Astro Bunny II.

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