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Around, Arunod and Arundo is an action TV series currently produced by Aurangazeb and distributed by Kopak Films. The series mostly revolves around lead character Machine Gun Arundo and his neverending and confusing battle against The Socialists. The show is currently on hiatus with the second season having been wrapped up, with it being unclear whether or not the plot of the show had concluded with the ambiguous final scene of episode 9.



For the first season, the show's plot revolved around Machine Gun Arundo thwarting the bumbling Socialist Commander's various absurd plans, the episodes having little relation with one another except for a common formula which includes Arundo getting a call to action from and unknown caller on his cell phone, various encounters with communist underlings that are invariably defeated by Arundo's weapons, Arundo killing Socialist Commander in a hand-to-hand combat scene, and then Socialist Commander mysteriously appearing in the next episode as though nothing had happened. Later, the plot of the series begins to become focused around a mysterious outbreak of cholera that is first mentioned at the end of episode 3, and then revealed in episode 4 to have killed Arundo's and Socialist Commander's parents. In episode 5 Arundo and Socialist Commander team up to fight Cholera with medicine, although it seems that the truce has been called off by the events of episode 6, in which Socialist Commander captures Arundo's sidekick and subjects him to interrogation, only to have him be retrieved by Arundo and escape. At the beginning of episode 8, Socialist Commander comissions Cowboy Doctor to develop a new strain of cholera which effectively turns people into ravenous zombies. It is also revealed that Socialist Commander has been employing a Reincarnation Machine to bring himself back alive every episode, a device in which Don Provinciano of the Stockholm Mafia has taken a great deal of interest to. After Provinciano's men capture Socialist Commander and kill Arundo's Sidekick, the X9300 strain of cholera begins to spread rapidly, prompting Arundo to put aside his differences with Socialist Commander and rescue him from Provinciano's interrogation room (where he is being interrogated by "siberian" socialist commander). The two flee by pontoon plane to Nunavut, where they (along with Cowboy Doctor and Dr. Bannus) stage a desperate holdout against the zombies as they attempt to develop a cure for the disease that Socialist Commander and Cowboy Doctor created. Things get desperate when Socialist Commander's reincarnation machine gets overloaded by cholera and breaks down, leaving Socialist Commander mortal and his atoms unstable. Although a cure is discovered at the end of episode 9, there is insufficient time to produce enough to stop the onslaught by the zomies at the central dynamo. Arundo, Socialist Commander, and Dr. Bannus are able to hold off the zombies, but an zombie bite wound on Socialist Commander beings to worsen and starts the transformation into a full-fledged zombie possession. This leaves Arundo with no choice except to kill Socialist Commander for one final time, except that the bullet causes a chain reaction with the non-reincarnatable Socialist Commander and creates a nuclear meltdown. It is unclear whether or not any of the characters survive the nuclear blast or the zombies, and it likely will never be known as there are no plans for a third season of the show.

Main Characters

Machine Gun Arundo

The main protagonist of the show, the plot usually revolves around Arundo foiling various half-baked socialist plots, such as socialist company picnics in Arundo's back yard and undercutting the US economy by pumping millions of pesos into the drinking water. Although at first it appears that Arundo is not a part of any organization, we later learn that he's somehow affiliated with the FDA Cyberterrorism Unit.

Socialist Commander

The main antagonist of the show, the plot usually revolves around Arundo foiling his various half-baked plots, such as socialist company picnics in Arundo's back yard and undercutting the US economy by pumping millions of pesos into the drinking water. Although at odds with Arundo during most of the episodes, on a few occasions the two have teamed up to fight greater threats, such as Keynesian Technocrats, medical bandits, the Stockholm Mob, and zombies. Although it originally seems that the character has

Cowboy Doctor

Making his first appearance in the third episode of season one, Cowboy Doctor has slowly gained a similar status as Machine Gun Arundo and Socialist Commander as an important character in the show. Known for his relaxed demeanor, controversial doctoringing and unconventional fighting skills, Cowboy Doctor seems to switch sides as quickly as the wind changes. At the request of Socialist Commander, Cowboy Doctor created the X9300 strand of The Cholera that was responsible for the zombie pandemic of episodes 8-9.

Arundo's Sidekick

First appearing in the opening war scene of episode 7, Arundo's nameless sidekick also is an enemy to The Socialists, being captured by them and then rescued by Arundo later in the episode. In a confrontation with what appear to either be Don Provinciano's henchmen or socialist guards in episode 8, it appears that Arundo's Sidekick is killed by a shovel-wielding commie, sparking a heartfelt eulogy from Arundo that echoed his words when an associate of his died in episode 2.


Season One

  1. Say It Ain't So, Machine Gun Arundo
  2. Pesos In The Drinking Water
  3. Where Everyone Goes, Machine Gun Arundo
  4. What Goes Around, Comes Arundo

Season Two

  1. Dr. Arundo, Medical Mumbo Jumbo
  2. Nnnnnnnno, Rhymes With Arundo
  3. 12 Hours Ago, Machine Gun Arundo
  4. Provinciano's Hunt For Arundo
  5. End Of The Road, No More Arundo
  6. Say It Ain't So, For One Last Go
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