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An artistic photograph of the Archives

The Archives (pronounced ar-ch-ives) is the most important relic (or collection of relics) of Blank origin. As most important Blank documents were draw or written on scraps or homework most original documents are lost/destroyed in Brad's backpack. Once members realized the dire importance of saving our past the Archives began.



At the end of the Golden year (6th grade) we made a desperate attempt to find documents before they were thrown out and destroyed. One person would find an original drawing in the bottom of a locker or backpack and it would quickly go on auction. Bradley Barbour, a long supporter of the blank arts, bought up most of the valuable items including the Original Creature. At the end of the year Bradley brought the Archives home with him and most of the Blank Club considered the Archives a goner. However, Bradley for once did not lose documents of import and the following year the Archives were seen again. Once the period of modernization occurred Evan wanted to begin a project that would create the e-Archives. Bradley supported this project and gave the Archives on a temporary loan to Evan in order to create the e-Archives. Two years later the e-Archives was finished and Evan is still borrowing the Archives to this day.

Psuedo-Quasi-Semi-Actually Falsified-Theft

On April 5th, 2006 the Blank Police, on a tip-off from an unknown source, began an investigation in order to find the Archives which had been stolen.

The Archive remain safe inside of Evan's house. The rumor that the Blank Police recieved was utterly falsified.


Contained in the Archives are the following:

  • Original Creature
  • Original Woofy
  • The Awakening cover
  • All of the founding Blank Club documents
  • Pour Joey
    • Original French edition
    • Translated version
  • Bannus' TIA card
  • Ashes of the Unknown paper
  • Many other important documents


The e-Archive

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