Aicher v Pryzant Tribunal

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This article has some 'minor' embelishments.

Most articles are written truthfully and accurately, however, some parts or most of this article has been made up, exaggerated, or is just plain wrong.

Aicher v Pryzant was a monumental case that occured during Springy Thingy of 2005. In the case, Jesse Aicher, the defendent, was accused of high treason and heresy by the prosecutor Evan Pryzant.


The Cast

  • Defendant: Jesse Aicher
  • Prosecutor: Evan Pryzant
  • Justice: Bradley Barbour
  • Defendant\'s Lawyer: Luke Barbour

The Case

After the Blank Club\'s final accusation that Jesse Aicher was a traitor to the cause, talk of a trial began. Jesse was informed by Brad and Evan of these \'sins\', and soon a list of charges was created by Evan. Jesse was told to prepare for the upcoming trial, which was tenitively planned to be held as the main event at Springy Thingy.

The Trial

The Verdict

The Legacy

The Fabricated Cast (complete with fake backstories to make things more interesting!)

The Righteous Defendant: Jesse Aicher

Jesse Aicher is a lost soul on trial for a crime he believes that he did not commit. A good and honest man by nature, Aicher has no idea why he has been accused of these wrongdoings, and will do anything to prove his innocence. But under it all, he has a dark secret, a secret that could destroy the world (or maybe this has beeen put in here for stupid drama. Who knows?)

The Vicious Prosecutor: Evan Pryzant

Star lawyer, Evan James Pryzant, has it all. Money, power, glory. However, there is one thing he does not have: an excuse to bring his once friend turned enemy Jesse Aicher to justice. However, once talk that Aicher may have been responsible for selling out and ultimately crumbling the Order of Blank, in which Aicher himself was a member of, Pryzant immediately gets on the case, hoping to bring down the \'betrayer\'. In the court, Pryzant is ruthless and unforgiving, exploiting loopholes, and striking at his opponents\' weak points.

The Corrupt Judge: Justice Bradley Barbour

Through a series of lies and trickery, Brad barbour has secured a posistion as one of the most powerful judges in the country. When the famous and unresolved Aicher v. Pryzant case reached his court, Barbour was quite excited to take it, hoping that the case that was plauging the Order of Blank, in which he was a member, would be resolved. Barbour is known for his lack of understanding of law, his brash, hotheaded, and often completely unexpected verdicts, and his slight insanity.

The Honest Lawyer: Luke Barbour

The more upright brother of Justice Barbour, Luke is a hard working lawyer who fights for the side of the law. When he heard that his friend, Jesse Aicher, was being tried for high treason and heresy, he came to his aide, hoping to patch the great wounds in the Blank organization. Barbour is honest and sticks to the facts, hoping to help people in the process.

A Dramatic Interpretation of the Trial


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