Adventures of Astro Bunny II

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The Adventures of Astro Bunny II refers to both the failed attempt and the ongoing project, The Carrots Pride.


Adventures of Astro Bunny II: The Carrots Pride

This movie is the true sequel to the classic film The Adventures of Astro Bunny.


This is Kopak Films revised B3 release. This movie will be the first with Blender 3d artwork. This is the first movie of the Kopak Films rebirth.


Astro Bunny is hired by a mysterious sponsor who wants him to attack a Zarktonian base. Upon being hired as a merc Astro Bunny recruits a team of three people who will meet him at the spaceport. Upon arriving at the spaceport they contract a shady Zilarf pilot who will fly them there. En route to Zarkton their ship is shot down and Astro Bunny awakes from the wreakage. He gathers Barker, Leopard soldier, and Robo Rat (the pilot he immediately presumes as dead) and heads off into the planet.

On the planet they have a quick team-building session and head into a bunker which obviously isn't the bunker they were hired to destroy but which Astro Bunny takes upon himself to destory in the name of good. While in the bunker Leopard soldier is shot by a Zarktonian guard and Astro Bunny in revenge shoots out the lights. The entire team runs into the nearest ship and escapes.

While exploring the ship Astro Bunny discovers that the ship they are in is Evil Enemy #9's yacht and finds secret plans onboard. Astro Bunny's pilot was secretly in league with #9 and the plan was for him to kill Astro Bunny.

Astro Bunny sets off to find out more about this plot despite the fact that the plot is fairly self-explanitory. En route to a friend (?) Shrak who can tell them more about this plot they meet with the pilot that has been presumed dead. Although Astro Bunny has clear evidence that the pilot is a puppet of #9, AB decides to forgive him.

They split up, the pilot takes The Carrots Pride for speed and Astro Bunny and crew heads toward the Shrak. They meet up with the Shrak who explains that the pilot is in fact registered to the Zarktonian Royal Navy and that he is using The Carrrots Pride to find the Reincarnation Machine.

Astro Bunny then explains that when he dies The Carrots Pride automatically comes and picks him up. Thinking logically Barker kills Astro Bunny so that The Carrots Pride will return and the Zarktonians will not discover the whereabouts of the Reincarnation Machine.

The movie was based on the original Astro Bunny comic series by General Subwoofer and the first Astro Bunny movie.

First to...

  • AB II was the first Kopak Films production to be over 15 minutes long
  • AB II was the first Kopak Films production to have blender effects/scenes
  • AB II was the first Kopak Films production to have a backdrop
  • AB II was the first Kopak Films production to take multiple days (aka 4ish months)
  • AB II was the first Kopak Films production to actually be edited
  • AB II was the first Kopak Films production to go through dvd production
Astro Bunny and band of mercs as scene in the Bunker scene of The Adventures of Astro Bunny II


Easter Eggs

  • The world that is panned down upon in the first blender scene is Earth with some amazing cloud effect by Evan that covers the recognizable continents
  • Explodo-man in mentioned as having just died in the bar scene (Explodo-man is a character from Matrix Man)
  • Two bumblebee men playing cards is a reference to The Bumblebee Men a popular song turned Kopak Films short
  • In the end of the bar scene you can see Matrix Man fighting Yoda (his arch-nemisis) in the upper-left hand corner
  • When the Carrot's Pride crash lands, the rubble is surprisingly similar to the rubble from the bridge in Astro Bunny 1 and also the bridge keeper can be seen in the rubble


AB II is complete.

Failed attempt

The first Astro Bunny II was rushed into production and had very little thought surrounding it. Basically it was awful.

The Movie

Because Adventures of Astro Bunny was such a hit Kopak Films wanted to quickly come out with a sequel. No thought went into planning so it was bad. Only two scenes were shot, one of Astro Bunny dancing, and one of his girlfriend being killed/ brought back to life by the Grim Reaper.

The Fame

This movie has no fame and was scratched from Kopak memory.

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