Adventures of Astro Bunny

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Astro Bunny as seen in the Adventures of Astro Bunny, the movie

The Adventures of Astro Bunny was Kopak Films best and most popular film.



After making several movies Kopak Films was approached by world famous actor and voice, Bradley Barbour to make a movie version of popular Astro Bunny Comics.


The plot is that Astro Bunny crashes on the deserted planet, Anuga 8. After he crashes his animal friends help him get to Macbeth’s crossing. But first he is shot at by Evil Enemy #9. Also Macbeth’s crossing is blown up in the end Astro Bunny is captured and killed by Evil Enemy. The movie was based on the original Astro Bunny comic series by General Subwoofer.

The Making of the Movie

This film took an entire day to make.


Filming began and Kopak Films decided to take a large step in Blank Club movies, Kopak Films began to use music. Evan and Bradley painstakingly listened to every track of Lord of the Rings and picked bits-and-pieces of the songs.

Evil Enemy #9 as seen in the Adventures of Astro Bunny, the movie


Luke created most of the costumes, all of which have been critically acclaimed by various critics.



Watch the movie

Click here to watch the entire Adventures of Astro Bunny

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