3 Coins Foundation

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The 3 Coins Foundation is a charity dedicated to giving 3 coins to every impoverished child in the Hemisphere. To do this, it saps immense amounts of government and privately raised money for its noble (yet controversial) purposes.

The Mission

To give every poor child three coins, regardless of sex, age, religion, or eye color.


The 3 Coins Foundation has been accused dozens of times in the past for money laundering, executive large- scale embezzlement, and illegal silver brokering. Market studies have shown the Foundation to give only 2% of its earnings to actual charitable work. Most children have yet to see the "three coins" promised to them by the Foundation. The Foundation denies most accusations, its Founder saying in a Berlin press conference saying "We do charitable work! Would you arrest Mother Teresa for helping people? I don't think so!" The 3 Coins Foundation has also been linked to FDFS Lance Ltd.


The 3 Coins Foundation is a proud sponsor of A Very Charles de Gaul Christmas.

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